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Customized software and cloud-based solutions, streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiencies for large and small oil and gas companies

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More than 12 years of experience

AFAM Canada Inc. specializes in providing customized software solutions and consulting services to oil and gas companies. Our products include personalized software and cloud-based applications designed to automate and simplify important processes such as procurement, document management, and project management, while our consulting services assist clients in identifying areas for process improvement and recommending technology solutions to enhance operational efficiencies within their processes.

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What We Offer

Engineering Documents Management System
Procurement Project Management System
Procurement Warehouse Management System
Projects Automation and Correspondence System
Projects Files Search Engine
Construction Projects Management System
Projects Management Information eXpert

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While software development takes place in iran, we offer sales of service, installation and maintenance in canada


Management Of Multiple Projects

Capability to define multiple projects with different conditions at the same time.

System Admin

A highly flexible module which enables the system admin to do all settings and initialization of the parameters for every project.

Connection To Office Software

Ability to import and export data to Office software, especially Excel.

Supporting The Project Processes

Ability to support project processes and define new project processes by the client.

Conformity To Standards

The modules designed for AFAM's PMIS software match PMBOK standard as much as possible and cover most of the fields under this standard.


Network security considerations and other databank security considerations to define users authorization and accessing to the data.

Suitable User Interface

Displaying the data in a tree structure, inclusion of advanced filtering, customized grouping, monitoring all information (data) and history,

Customized Reports

Capability of delivering different practical and attractive reports from the data provided by the user.


Our vision is to be a trusted partner and advisor to our clients in the oil and gas industry, providing unparalleled expertise and support to help them navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities.


Arya Fannavaran System Maad (AFAM) established in November 2011 in Iran by experts in the petroleum and gas field, specializing in software system development, is a leading provider of custom software and applications tailored to meet the specific needs of oil and gas companies. The team consists of experienced IT professionals with software development and system design expertise, including significant experience in industrial projects related to petroleum, gas, and petrochemistry. With a focus on innovation and excellence, the company has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses seeking to improve efficiency and reduce costs in the oil and gas sector. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices, AFAM is able to deliver high- quality software solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to custom software development, AFAM provides a range of support services to ensure its solutions’ smooth implementation and ongoing maintenance. From training and user support to system integration and data migration, the company’s team of experts is dedicated to helping clients achieve maximum value from their investment in technology.



Anoosh Farzadhashemizad possesses extensive experience and proficiency in project management, sales consulting, and market development within the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. He has been involved in several large-scale projects, leading technical teams and ensuring top-quality results, while also ensuring high levels of client satisfaction. Anoosh has a remarkable track record of overseeing project planning, quality control, technical leadership, and client satisfaction, which demonstrates his effective leadership qualities.

Furthermore, Anoosh has acquired valuable expertise in market development and sales consulting. He has demonstrated his ability to develop and execute comprehensive market research and sales plans, define performance metrics for marketing, and recommend products based on client’s specific needs. His aptitude for understanding market trends, identifying business opportunities, and addressing customer requirements, adds immense value to any organization looking to expand its operations.

Anoosh Farzadhashemizad holds a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering from the prestigious Imam Khomeini Naval Science Academy in Iran. He has also undergone specialized training, including a comprehensive course from the Industrial Research & Education Center of Iran and a Project Management Course from the Industrial Management Organization. These certificates speak to his continuous learning and development and his commitment to staying current with industry advancements.


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AFAM software company was founded by a group of experienced experts in the field of petroleum and gas and experts in the field of software system development who gathered and founded Arya Fanavaran System Maad Company.

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